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     Reijean Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 formerly known as Taiwan Rui Jin Lighting Company, is the development and manufacture of interior lamps, floor lamps, wall lamp, chandelier, modern lighting and furniture hardware-based, and portable outdoor lamps, candlesticks, mirrors, curtains bar, clock and other hardware accessories of Taiwan-funded enterprises. Established in 1992 in Dongguan Reijean Group, under the five companies:Reijean lighting, lighting light Jin, Jin electric light, ALBRIGHT LIGHTING, long Xin furniture.Group all the companies located in Dongguan room sand sand Tianzhen Yi Management District, adjacent to the Humen ferry, 10 minutes drive from the Guangzhou-Shenzhen and convenient transportation. Group total area of ​​12 square meters, 3,500 employees in person.Reijean lighting company covers about 48,000 square meters, more than 500 employees. 

Reijean-based products in a variety of materials (metal, glass, Poly, wood, crystal, ceramic, plastic, etc.). A punch, metal processing, Covers, Poly, dyeing, electroplating, paint, lights and other plant group. Product self-ability, to ODM, OEM products, 90% of products exported, the main market for the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan and other countries and regions, domestic sales in China more than 80 stores. Monthly production capacity (average production table, floor lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lamp, chandelier) of about 160,000 lights, the finished product warehouse can accommodate 80 40GP cargo. PL lights and LED lights, solar energy, nanotechnology lights for our key products, has 8 years of R & D history.

There were 60 companies in the development, design team, according to drawings provided by customers proofing, production, and also according to international market trends, as well as information provided by customers through the hand-painted, CAD, 3D graphics, self-development, design, monthly self-development, design of the sample of about 100 models. 

Companies to "continuous improvement, customer first" as the company's operating philosophy. The company has a stable quality system, quality control team of 30 people, and full implementation of in-house quality control. And there is a lot of advanced testing equipment to test the product, such as: high-pressure machines, earth resistance tester, drop tester test, temperature tester. UL's application was granted UL certification that the test point. 

The company attaches great importance to the establishment of corporate culture, in life, dorm style layout reflects the family and regular activities to enrich their leisure time, such as: basketball, table tennis tournament, Training, or the timely organization of outdoor tourism.Emphasis on the skills of employees at work and improving the quality of regular weekly arrangements are different positions, different levels of professional education and training, there are external lecturers, video lectures, online instruction. 

In 1997 the company passed ISO9001 certification of ISO9001 quality management has many years of experience. And in 2009, Dongguan City Administration has been awarded "for five consecutive years of good credit business." 

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